Glow Away

The magical safety blanket that
comforts your kids at night
In 2015 we've helped a great number kids
sleep better with a success rate of 90%.
As a result, we're sorry to say that some of
our products are low on stock.
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Introducing Glow Away

Make your child feel protected from whatever goes bump in the night with this safety blanket approved by psychologists.
Watch this short video to learn more.

How Does It Work?

Glow Away is the first magical safety blanket approved by psychologists that provides comfort to your child throughout the night.
It consists of a story book and a duvet cover that glows in the dark.

Illustrated story book:The story lays the foundation for the magic to happen. In the book, Boo (the yellow fellow) teaches Sam a spell that will protect him from monsters at night.


Glow in the dark duvet cover: This transports your child into a magical world. After repeating the spell that Boo tells Sam, turn off the lights and see it glow on your duvet. The magic has worked for you too!


.... and here is the psychology behind it:



Studies show that the reason children are scared of the dark is primarily because of their incredible imaginations


Glow Away understands this and leverages the power of children’s imaginations, empowering kids to overcome their fear.


Psychologists advise against the use of night lights or dismissing monsters as ‘not real’. Glow Away is a beautiful solution that fully embraces these recommendations.

Design + Features

Watch this video to explore the incredible amount of thought that went into designing every detail and feature

Illustrated Book

- Suitable for 2-8 yo: Easy to read and suitable for children 2-8 year olds
- Perfect bedtime story: 20 page full color illustration by award winning artist Luli Bunny
- Not just another story: Written following psychologists’ guidelines proven to help children affected by fear and anxiety
Illustrated Book
Duvet Cover & Pillowcase

Duvet Cover & Pillowcase

- No power necessary for the spell to glow: Simply leave the lights on for 30min before bed to recharge the light-powered ink
- The comforter stays in place: Thanks to inside strings at each corner holding the comforter
- Premium materials: Super soft cotton percale machine washable
- For all seasons: Blue or Pink, twin size + pillow case
- Suitable for everybody: Don’t have a duvet? Just put your blanket inside our cover!
Duvet Cover & Pillowcase

Keepsake Box

- Re-usable packaging: You’ll love this beautiful and sturdy box, it’s ideal for stashing small toys, pens and pencils
- Designed for kids: Child-safe magnetic closures
- The perfect gift: Unisex design that fits in with most bedrooms’ decor
Keepsake Box


Glow Away is a remarkable solution, because it uses an understanding of behavioral science combined with the magic of childhood to ease children's fear.

– James Wilson, Sleep Practitioner

A product like this [Glow Away] introduces them to new coping strategies, ones that are more effective than running to their parents, at least in the longer term

– Alexander O'Connor, Psychologist

There's a glowing message on the're basically Hermione Granger, but cooler.


Glow Away is an innovation solution to children’s fear of the dark

– Babyology

This magical duvet cover will stop your child being afraid of the dark


Magical duvet cover promises to make monsters under the bed "Glow Away"

– Huffington Post Parents



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